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propertyline™ is your secure e-commerce solution to obtaining accurate "real-time" property information. Our database is updated weekly, providing you access to the most current Assessment, Site, Structural and Sales data for over 4.7 million properties in Ontario.

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Automated Valuation Model

The Automated Valuation Model (AVM) is an accurate real time estimate of market value for all residential properties in Ontario.

The AVM is updated monthly and for over 3.6 million residential properties with four or fewer units.


propertyline™ launches a Law Professional Report. This report provides property information necessary to complete real estate transactions in real-time, at a reduced cost. Click here to learn more.

Custom Data Request Form

By utilizing MPAC's extensive database, customized data reports can be developed to assist you in gathering market intelligence for almost any region or area in Ontario.

Custom reporting can help with new business startups, identifying target markets, and investment property identification, to name a few examples. Submit A Custom Request