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propertyline™ reports provide Real Estate Professionals with value-added Assessment, Site, Structural, Sales data and market intelligence essential to aiding homebuyers and sellers when making purchase or selling decisions.

Real Estate Professionals regularly rely on propertyline™ reports to analyze what similar homes in an area have sold for and, in many cases for residential properties, Real Estate Professionals obtain a “real-time” estimate of market value through an AVM Comparable Report, thereby, benefiting from an additional resource to assist a client, whether buyer or seller, in determining a good listing price or support a reasonable purchase price for a property.

When getting ready to support a client with buying or selling a home and provide important information needed to make decisions, Real Estate Professionals use propertyline™ reports to lend a hand in the process. “A Year Built Report”, for example, contributes to determining the age of a property, Real Estate Professionals wishing to provide the most knowledge to a purchaser or seller can utilize this report to assist in determining what renovations, improvements or repairs may be required before a client lists or purchases a property.

In addition to neighbourhood and market knowledge, the Real Estate Professional provide purchasers with information which helps them budget and settle into a new home; Real Estate Professionals count on propertyline™ to obtain the “CVA Report” in order to become familiar with a property’s Assessed Value and ease the purchasers transition into their new home.

propertyline™ assists the Real Estate Professional’s goal of providing knowledge and value to their clients. Our current updated property information saves research time and facilitates the Real Estate Professional’s ability to prepare, provide information, service and focus on the client.

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