Financial Sector

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Financial institutions and the mortgage insurance industry benefit from the advantages of propertyline™ AVMs. These accurate "real-time" estimates of market value for residential properties have been developed using advanced statistical techniques combined with sound appraisal methodology. 

AVMs, delivered either through propertyline™ or our API Web Services, provide:

1. Exceptional Valuation Accuracy;

2. Rich Comprehensive Database;

3. Incredible Cost Savings;

4. Valuable Time Savings; and

5. Unbiased Fraud Detection

The financial sector can also rely on propertyline™ for essential assessment roll information. The Assessment Roll Report is a vital report to large banks that administer the Property Tax remittance on behalf of the client.

The Assessment Roll Report
Picture of Property (if available), Property Address, Municipality, Roll Number, Property Code and Description, Legal Description, Phased-In Assessment for the current taxation year, Realty Tax Class (RTC), Realty Tax Qualifier (RTQ), Realty Portion, Tenant Tax Liable (TTL), Unit Class, Frontage, Depth and Site Area.
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By utilizing MPAC's AVM Portfolio Analyzer, financial institutions can easily monitor and proactively adjust the market value of their residential portfolios. This is extremely valuable during times of market volatility.

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